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I'm a small business owner, wife, mama, and most of all, Jesus follower. I co-host a podcast with my husband where we discuss the problem of spiritual abuse in Christianity, and run a non-profit to help young adults get on their feet after abuse. As you can imagine, I stay pretty busy! 

I am a member of Hampton Roads Fellowship, where I have learned the value of gospel-defined community and loving others the way Jesus loves us.

I'm a mango kombucha addict, Harry Potter nerd, and forest lover. 

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The Daily Companion You DIdn't Know You Needed

I am so stoked to offer you my free devotional “app” written for female entrepreneurs just like you! (Okay, it's not really an app, but it looks and acts like one!) Inside, it has a list of common feelings that we entrepreneurs feel: tired, overwhelmed, ashamed of failure, to name a few. Click on the one that you resonate most with, and it takes you to a short devotional written specifically to meet you in that feeling and point you to Jesus. This is the daily companion you didn't know you needed. 




Do you want more of Jesus in your Business Life?

Hop over to the blog to get some spiritual encouragement tailored for Jesus-driven female entrepreneurs who want to enjoy Jesus more in their business life. 




Are you a socially motivated Entrepreneur?

Join me via podcast to explore the intersection of theology and entrepreneurship from the perspective of a small biz mom and her guests!

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