Hey There!
I'm Rachel Tenney...

I'm a small business owner, wife, mama, and most of all, Jesus follower. I co-host a podcast with my husband where we discuss the problem of spiritual abuse in Christianity, and run a non-profit to help young adults get on their feet after familial abuse from their parents. As you can imagine, I stay pretty busy! 

I am a member of Hampton Roads Fellowship, where I have learned the value of gospel-defined community and loving others the way Jesus loves us.

I'm a mango kombucha addict, Harry Potter nerd,
and forest lover. 

Hosted on an alternative social media site called Open Social, this group is a place to find community, have those deep conversations with other women who walk in similar shoes, and collaborate with others.

Hosted on an alternative social media site called Open Social, this group is a place to find community, have those deep conversations with other women who walk in similar shoes, and collaborate with others.

Messages like what success looks like, how to motivate ourselves, and what our identity should be. And somehow as tired entrepreneurs, we have to weed through all that messaging to find the nuggets of truth and inspiration. The boss babe world is marked by a lot of toxicity, self-aggrandizement, mysticism, misaligned work-life balance, and selfishness. The last thing I needed as an exhausted entrepreneur, hungry for motivation, was a minefield of messages.

I did my best, but I still ended up believing some of the subtle lies of the boss babe culture that ended up hurting me and my business, like:

The world has a lot of messages for female entrepreneurs

I believed the lie that I needed to hustle for my own success, instead of seeing that God is a God of generosity and grace, and that HE was the one who gives success, it’s not earned (even though we do work for it). That lie led me to overworking and then burnout, followed by shame because of my “failure”. 

I compared myself to the HIGHLIGHT REELS of others, and told myself that I was a failure and that everyone else wasn’t struggling as much as I was. 

While my words would never say that I was building MY OWN EMPIRE, my actions reflected that heart posture and I left God out of my business decisions.

I believed the lie that my lack of success was because I wasn’t BELIEVING in myself enough, and I just needed to pump myself up with more motivational quotes.

All of these lies led me to a place of anxiety, burnout, discouragement, and shame. My business reached a natural pause when I took maternity leave, and when I came back, I knew I had to do things differently. 

“There just has to be a different way to do business,”  I thought. 

I was tired of the constant striving.
I was tired of feeling like my spiritual life and business life were disjointed.
I was tired of building something that God wasn’t really in. 

My journal entry from that season lets you into how I was feeling...

“There’s the kind of desire where you want to diet and exercise, but you still choose Netflix and ice cream. And then there’s the kind of desperate desire where you actually get up at 5 AM to put on your running shoes. My desire to have Jesus be central to every moment of my day, including my business, has gone from the first kind of desire to the second kind. I don’t really know what has changed, other than that the Holy Spirit has done it.” 

The one word that sums up how I was feeling during that time is DESPERATE for Jesus. 

Something in me had finally broken and come to the end of myself. I was unwilling to let my discouragement kill my entrepreneurial heartbeat, but I was unwilling to do business in my own strength any longer. I just couldn’t. 

That’s what started me on my journey of exploring what it means to be a Christian, dependent on Christ, while running a business with excellence. I’m still on that journey, I know that I will never “arrive”. As the apostle Paul says in Philippians 3:12...

“Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.”

I Launched a Community!

A community for Christian women who want to experience a gospel-centered culture of female entrepreneurship.

And it’s that desire to continue growing in this path of entrepreneurship and Jesus-dependence that leads me to my big announcement!

::insert drumroll here::

What Does Your Name Mean?

Voca is short for vocation which has a rich theological history. In Latin, the word Vocation has the idea of "call" or "calling". In the Roman Catholic monastic tradition, it originally meant the calling to a sacred profession such as a monk or nun. The Protestant reformers believed that ALL work was sacred, even if that person was washing dishes or shoeing horses. They argued that all work could be done to God's glory, and that made it holy. The term has since broadened due to their influence (specifically Martin Luther's) to mean any kind of profession.

I named the Voca Society after this belief that all work is sacred to God because I believe that YOUR work is important to God. The mission of the Voca Society is all about encouraging women like you to walk in the calling God has placed on your life. 

Tell me more about this community...

Hosted on Tribe, the group is a place to have deep conversations with women who walk in similar shoes,
promote your business, and foster quality collaborations.

If you’re still tracking with me, then I think this community is for you! I would love to have you join me. Here are the details… 

that the gospel can create a better way for us to pursue entrepreneurship that isn’t defined by the world’s boss babe and hustle culture.

I believe...

that theologically grounded motivation and encouragement should be readily available to female entrepreneurs.

I believe...

that vulnerability and honesty among safe women can bring truth and healing to our discouraged hearts, damaged by the highlight reel culture and the limiting beliefs we tell ourselves.

I believe...

Theologically Grounded Women
You must be an orthodox, protestant Christian. (Need more info? See our Statement of Faith)

Who Are Interested or Established in Entrepreneurship
Are you curious about entrepreneurship, but not sure where to start? Or maybe you have started... again and again but you keep getting stuck! Our community is a wealth of knowledge from women who have successfully started and run quality businesses that can help you along as you determine if entrepreneurship is right for you, or as you grow your business!

Longing for Encouragement and Community
You are STOKED to be part of a community of like-minded women, and will follow the community guidelines and rules of conduct.

Who is this community for?

We know that the quality of the group is dependent on the group being filled with solid Christian women with real businesses. To that end, all women who join must meet the following criteria and fill out an application to join.

Monthly Theme: We choose a monthly theme, so through the holiday season, we are talking about embracing our limits as a good gift from God, and reading “A Spacious Life” by Ashley Hales in our book club

Daily Check-Ins: We are encouraging one another, sharing goals and wins though our “Daily Check-Ins” posts! It's a way to pull back the curtain of our daily lives and learn from each other!

Monthly Zoom Call: We also do a zoom call each month where we discuss our topic for the month and have a Q&A time where we can ask questions and learn from each other or share what God has been teaching us. 

Self-Promotion: Self-promotion is welcome in the group, as long as it is an offer of value to others, whether or not they purchase from you (so freebies, sharing free webinars or challenges, etc.) 

Ultimately, the purpose of the group is to be a place of encouragement, gentle accountability, and feedback! 

Inside the Voca Society

Special Limited
Time Offer

In order to get this exclusive and special community off the ground, I'm offering a one-time offer to the first 50 members!  If you join now, you get to be the first to experience this amazing community, and you become an honored Founding Member! 


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Access to exclusive community  of like-minded Christian female entrepreneurs

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We encourage self-promotion in the group in a way that serves our members and helps you get more sales!

Exclusive content - videos, articles, and more!


Only for the first 50 members

Join as a Founding Member today!

a savings of $144 a year!

How to Join

Fill out the application below. The purpose of an application is to make sure that everyone who joins is a good fit for the group. We know our group will be a “heck yes!” for our audience, so we know filling out an application won’t stop you from joining! Once your application is approved, you will get a link to enter your payment info. After that, you'll be all set, and we will send you an invitation to the group!

Did you fill out an application? Nice.

I can’t wait to have you join us! Together, we can create a community of women who are honest, real, connected, and whose lives are richer because of each other. 


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The Voca Society


Join us for a vibrant community of Christian women who want to experience a gospel-centered culture of female entrepreneurship.

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