When the podcast ends, do you immediately have to fill that space, or does your heart enjoy a moment of prayer? When you lay in bed, does your mind spin with anxiety over business projects, or rest in a Sovereign God?  When you wake up in the morning, do you fill your heart with Jesus, […]

To Jesus, success isn’t about the end result. It’s about the day-to-day faithfulness. The good news is that I don’t have to wait for a Pinterest-perfect home. Daily faithfulness in my tiny and quirky home today, on a Monday at 2:44 pm is success. I’m going to embrace my ordinary-ness. That is true success.

woman standing beside a tree

Abiding in Christ

Sep 28, 2021

Over the last three years of my life, I’ve been wrestling with what it means to really abide in Christ. I felt like my Christian life just wasn’t what it could be. I wanted to have the kind of relationship with Jesus that I saw more mature Christians have. One of deep, rich communion with Christ.

Dependent Like Him

Sep 17, 2021

Jesus was always dependent on His Father and calls me into a relationship of dependence with Him. Within the Trinity is that vulnerable relationship of dependence. And that exhilarating, terrifying relationship with holiness is what they bring me into.

Can I just raise my hand and admit that meeting goals is really hard? It’s also paralyzing to try to listen to all of the gurus out there to figure out the optimal methods for achieving your goals. Can I get an amen?! It always feels like there’s someone out there who has secrets you don’t yet know, and that’s why your life is still hard. You don’t have to go listen to all the gurus, because I did it for you, and I’ve boiled it down to five mindset shifts that are not only the resounding consensus among habit experts but have also brought me real success in my life. These are the tried and true, and some of them might not be what you’re expecting…

I see you. You’re getting up at all hours of the night to feed your baby, and your days are filled with bottles, baby toys, and diapers. You want to work from home on your side hustle, but you don’t know how to carve out the time to get work done when you are so […]

At the beginning of this year, I decided that I was weary of doing business in my own strength. I just couldn’t do it anymore. The only way I was going to keep going on this journey of entrepreneurship was if Jesus was central, woven into every moment of my business day. I had no desire to keep going, burning myself out as I had done for the last year. I needed to rest in Him, even as I worked. I felt desperately that it was the only way forward. So here are the five practices that have transformed my business, from one done in my own strength, to one lived Coram Deo (Latin for “before the face of God”).

It’s so easy to have big dreams (mine is becoming an author) that you tell yourself you will do someday, and yet you’re no closer to that goal becoming a reality today than you were 5 years ago. We do the same thing in a smaller way when we have important tasks on our to-do list, and we never get around to them unless they happen to have a deadline attached to them. I mean, we all know that last-minute panic right before the deadline, don’t we?

Did you ever think there could be such a thing as life-changing pajamas? Yeah, me neither. But I’m wearing them as I write this, so I sit corrected.

It was both embarrassing and exhausting. Here I was, a 27-year-old woman, and still struggling with acne. It was exhausting because I spent almost an hour every. freaking. day. doing my makeup. And it was embarrassing because I kept telling myself that this was the year it would go away, right? It was just leftover from my teens and would work itself out… But year after year, it didn’t.